CNP Episode 018

What does Kim Kardashian’s Internet breaking ass photo, landing on a comet and the latest ISIS beheading all have in common? They’re topics that were going to be discussed in this episode. But don’t worry – making soup, bad blanket etiquette and yoga socks all made it in. Plus, woman zero gets a name. Warm up your ears with episode 18 of the COGNATION podcast.

CNP Episode 017

UGG boots, midterm elections, ways to reinvent yourself, vegan cooking classes, IKEA and AK47’s. Stick episode 017 of the COGNATION podcast in your ear!

CNP Episode 016

Episode 016 is here chock full of everything you love from ‘The Week In Me’ and more stuff for the G.O.O.D bag. Meditation tips for beginners, Dressing up for Halloween for the first time in years, Taco Truck Tacos, Conscious Decoupling, Woman Zero, the joys of naked hugging and the worst cities to be in if the Zombie Apocalypse happens. Oh and I create a new drink, the ‘R and R’. *Drops mic*

CNP Episode 015

Episode 015 of the COGNATION podcast is here. We’ve got new intro music for ‘The Week In Me’ and ‘The G.O.O.D Bag’ – just in time to celebrate a surge in downloads. I’m perfecting my vegetarian chili recipe, falling for Veronique, being rejected by hiring managers and rambling about the benefits of drinking water and doing pushups. How can you resist? Stick it in your ear.

CNP Episode 014

The clock is ticking before Jimmy’s mom comes to pick him up and drive him to another LARPing tournament, so we get down to business right away in this episode. Veronique is back, I’m blowing up Tinder and crying in a doctor’s office. If that doesn’t have the makings for an epic ‘Week In Me’ I don’t know what does. Open up your G.O.O.D bag, because I got a few things for you. CNP Episode 014, stick it in your ear!

CNP Episode 013

What do 7-11 Taquitos, Trivago and Edgar Allen Poe have in common? Why episode 13 of the COGNATION podcast of course. That’s right, it’s here – and on time! It’s been a weird few days everyone and this episode is no different. I’m pumping out the resumes and trying not to think about Veronique while she is out of town. Will ranting about commercials, reading our first listener email and thinking out loud about avoiding a potential post-apocalyptic drugstore ambush work? Nope. Episode 013 of the COGNATION podcast, Stick it in your ear.

CNP Episode 012

Episode 12 is here! Oh boy, this episode has it all. Singing, poetry readings, beef jerky and ebola statistics. Still not enough for you? How about a fresh Week in Me? The best part was a nice relaxing walk around the park. At sunset. With a woman! Ohhhh yes, its all coming together now! I’ve got something for your G.O.O.D bag too. With any luck you’ll be enjoying spaghetti-o’s and peaches while the world burns.

TED Talks | The Power of Vulnerability

Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.

CNP Episode 011

Episode 011 is here. Do I sing the theme song again? Ohhhh yes. I read my favorite poem and learn that Jimmy is a LARP’er. More stuff for your G.O.O.D bag too. But really, this episode is mostly about one thing: Vulnerability.

CNP Episode 010

New sponsors! Poetry readings, tips to increase your (my) self-esteem. Plus, another installment of ‘The Week in Me’, feedback from my dating coach and space -saving armageddon skills for your G.O.O.D bag. Episode 010 NAILS it!

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