CNP Episode 208

The CNP is back with an all new extended episode! Get your ‘ Week In Me’ and ‘G.O.O.D. Bag’ fix plus more with Bryan Costanza, a real-life Rocket Scientist. Get it now!

CNP Episode 207

Episode 207 is here! If you were thinking that your Monday was gonna suck, you’re probably right. But it won’t suck as much with a fresh episode of the CNP filling your ears. Beards, manicures and pedicures, protein powder, Mini Cooper’s and kitchen timers. Yep, that’s right. Get it now!

CNP Episode 206

Greetings COGNATION. Episode 206 is here. In this episode I ask a number of important questions. For instance: Should I shave my beard? What makes a Moscow Mule a Moscow Mule? Why do people lower the suspension on sports cars? Plus, some Key Lime trivia, a girlfriend update and a little something for the G.O.O.D bag. Now stick it in yer ear.

CNP Episode 205

Episode 205 is here just in time to fill your earholes for Hump Day. This episode has fun facts about Wisconsin, an update about Jimmy the former producer/intern at the COGNATION podcast, a beard and workout update plus baklava and balaclava’s. Your day just got a better. Stick it in your ear!

CNP Episode 204

Episode 204 is here, so just calm the frick down everybody and get ready to fill your earholes with warm, wet COGNATION goodness. In this episode, I recap my Valentine’s Day which was spent with a real girl. Not one of those sex dolls, but a ‘real’ girl… Do I kiss and tell? Plus, Jimmy is back, I’ve got some big news for ‘The Week in Me’ more stuff you need to put in your G.O.O.D Oh and where in the hell is all my belly lint coming from? I know it comes from my belly, but where does it really come from?

CNP Episode 203

Greetings COGNATION, episode 203 is here. Have you been waiting for a new ‘Week In Me’? You got it, plus an all new item to toss in your G.O.O.D in case it all goes to hell. But wait, there’s more! A few weeks ago I took the Meyers Briggs Personality Test which you can find at or and in this episode I talk with guest Bryan Costanza about my results. Fill your ears with the latest CNP now!

CNP Episode 202

The COGNATION podcast is back from winter break with a jam-packed super sized episode. Taylor returns and we talk about bacon grenades, bottled water, the great pacific garbage patch, super-thin condoms, international jewel thieves, poutine and the Canadian border crossing. Plus, all your favorites including ‘The Week in Me’ and more stuff for your G.O.O.D bag

CNP Episode 201

HO HO HO! Season 2 of the COGNATION podcast is here. This season gets started with an episode featuring superfan Taylor. She joined me in the studio for a conversation that included male birth control, SONY pulling ‘The Interview’ from theaters, socks for christmas, hairy men, making candy and kissing under the mistletoe. I know exactly what you are thinking – COGNATION podcast gold!

CNP Episode 20

Season 2 of the CNP is still around the corner, but I just couldn’t stay away any longer. So I decided to pop into the studio for a season 1 bonus episode. Does this episode have a new ‘Week in Me’ or something for the G.O.O.D bag? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

CNP Episode 019

Have no fear, a new episode of the COGNATION podcast is here. This episode begins with an analysis of the podcast so far. Then I ramble about a new episode numbering system. I know right? Gripping stuff right out of the gate. Then I say goodbye to Veronique, rename Woman Zero, move on to ‘The Week in Me’ or is it ‘The Week in Meh’? Next, I recap the contents of the G.O.O.D bag to date and remind us all that it’s all just a ride. Episode 019 of the COGNATION podcast is ready to warm your ears with hot buttery Thanksgiving goodness.

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