CNP Episode 006

Episode 006 is here and its all about me! More precisely, the ‘Week In Me’. In this episode, I try to do a better job at singing the COGNATION themes song. It didn’t get any better. I kick off this episode talking about the COGNATION Podcast #1 Fan and they get their very own sound drop. I talk about my experience as a volunteer driver for the High Plains Comedy Festival – get ready for some name dropping. I had a conversation that is in my top 3 all time – it was mostly about sex, so… yeah. Then we get to the big news, I’ve switched from antiperspirant to deodorant. Finally, I add one more item to your G.O.O.D bag.

CNP Episode 005

It’s here. The long awaited and much anticipated fifth episode of the COGNATION podcast. After a long absence, I’m joined by Jimmy the audio intern and junior producer. Jimmy surprises me with a new COGNATION podcast theme song – spoiler alert, there is some glockenspiel in it. In this episode, I talk about a couple of douchey posts by my Facebook “Friends” and I add another item to the GOOD bag. Hint: PARANG!

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